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School kids

Improve your swimming or start from scratch! 

Lessons for school aged children are available weekdays from 3.45pm, Saturdays and Sundays.


And no, you have not left having your child learn to swim till too late. 

Children and adults can learn to swim at any age!

Initially the class focuses on having the beginner feeling comfortable and  safe to encourage cooperative learning. 

Then buoyancy skills will be taught leading to propulsion and later, breathing with propulsion.

Be assured we will endeavour to have your child comfortable and safe in the water as quickly as possible.

Older learners may have very definite attitudes towards leaning and the water. Encouragement and individual attention will solve such issues.


Children in a group of beginners will have a wide range of ability and confidence. So each child is assessed, and will be taught to their individual needs.

Where possible beginners will learn with their own age group so they do not feel disadvantaged by being with older or younger children.

Safer swimming

Swim safer messages are part of every swim lesson, and we also do swim safer weeks where we focus on water safety and rescue skills.

How are swimming lessons for school kids arranged at the pools? 

Our two pools have a slightly different way of organising swim lessons for school aged kids. 

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