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Our swim teaching team

Our swim teaching team love swimming!


  • are highly skilled swim teachers

  • promote swim safer skills and behaviours for the whole family, both in and out of the water 

  • are skilled at individualising activities for the learning needs of each swimmer, even within a group

  • communicate clearly and respectfully

  • have fun in the water with swimmers of all ages. We learn more when we are enjoying ourselves! 

  • work together to transition swimmers between types of classes, and with our physiotherapist to facilitate inclusion of swimmers with specific learning needs


All our swim teachers hold accreditations from the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA)

  • Swim Australia Teacher (SAT): everyone

  • Babies and Toddlers (B&T): teachers working with babies and toddlers

  • Competitive swimming (CS): teachers working with squads

  • Learners with a Disability (LWD): over 75% of our team have been trained by Splash Physiotherapy in working with children with specific learning needs, and we continue to train team members as they join us

  • Coaching (ASCTA Bronze): swim coaches

All our swim teachers also have up to date CPR training and Working with Children's checks. 

Ongoing skill development

We use a number of strategies to continually develop swim teacher skills, to improve their lessons and better meet individual needs

  • senior swim teachers regularly observe swim teachers and give feedback

  • in - house professional development to update skills and understanding of swim teaching and child development

  • in - house ASCTA accreditation as we have two ASCTA accredited presenters in our team

  • we have an annual presence at swim teaching conferences:

    • Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association

    • Australian Swimming Schools Association

  • swim team members participate in our private forum where discussion of strategies promotes ongoing learning at least weekly

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