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We are inclusive swim schools

Everyone can learn to swim

Over the years we have noticed that many of our new customers come from other swim schools where their learning has not progressed.


We break learning to swim into as many small steps as possible so each learner can feel success and the confidence gained from that success will help learn the next step.

Partnerships with paediatric physiotherapists
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We work in partnership with Splash Physiotherapy, a paediatric physiotherapy service. They work with babies, children and young people in a range of areas including swim safer skills. 

Many children transition from their program over to our swim lessons when they have built up base level skills, their individual learning needs have been identified, and the physios have supported transition across. 

Some children join in our usual group programs, other have 1:1 support either on their own or within the group. 

Splash Physiotherapy also work with our swim teachers providing professional development for our team regarding child development, inclusion and Disability, as related to learning to swim. 

See more about Splash Physiotherapy here

We are experienced in including swimmers in group lessons, pre - squads and squads

We are experienced in meeting swimmers' individual learning needs at all levels, from babies through to adults. 

Whether a child has a developmental delay or a diagnosed Disability, we are experienced at collaborating with you to support their learning needs. 

We don't "hold back" older children at a lower skill level, putting them in a group with younger children. 

  • At Sydenham Street Swimming we don't have levels, and children can be included in the time slot that suits, or with their siblings or friends. 

  • At Van Dyk's in Greensborough, we have broad levels, and make efforts to include children with their peer group while supporting their needs.

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