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When are classes?

Lessons for school age learners are weekday afternoons after school and Saturday and Sunday mornings

Class size.

A maximum of four children per class. Small class sizes encourage natural intuitive learning and allow individual tuition. This is not a group lesson. Experienced and well trained instructors will change the lesson focus according to your child's needs.

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Are the children grouped?

Children are not grouped per ability. Each child is taught individually according to their learning needs.

  • Children who learn quickly move on to further learning - they do not have to practise an already learnt skill while they wait for others to master that skill.

  • A child who is struggling to master a skill will practise the stepping stones building to confidently performing the skill.

This means that as your child's skill increases there is no need to change classes until your child  is ready for an advanced learner class (pre squad). Families can have all their school age children taught at basically the same time, making it easier to manage family commitments.

Our Goals

Obviously to teach your child swimming skills. Just as important is developing the skills, knowledge and habits so your child will be safer both in and around water.  

Equally important is our flexible teaching approach will help develop a child's lifelong perception of learning and challenge as fun. 

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