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Pre - schoolers

Pre - schooler swim lessons

We use small groups, lots of fun equipment, and developmentally appropriate teaching practices to help pre - schoolers thrive in their swim lessons, and develop a love of water

Young children learn best through play, imitation and repetition

This is an innovative learning program developed specifically for pre school children


Underwater platforms, climbing frames, a wide range of toys and inflatable aids are incorporated into our learning program. These aim to encourage the child's natural curiosity and thus gaining more willing participation. The child is challenged to learn and develop skills that form the basis of swimming and understanding safer water practices.


The swim teacher facilitates the child’s learning of swimming through first teaching mobility and buoyancy skills, leading to propulsion and breathing. We are always aiming to give the child a greater understanding of water safety, and the skills required to more safely be able to love and enjoy the water.

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Swim safer

Of course, swimming lessons are not a substitute for proper barriers and supervision.The skills learnt, however, do add a significant additional layer of protection to water safety

How are swimming lessons for pre - school kids arranged at the pools? 

Our two pools have a slightly different way of organising swim lessons for pre - schoolers.

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