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Our book:

"My first swimming lesson"

"My first swimming lesson" book

‘My first Swimming Lesson’ is an illustrated children’s book designed to introduce pre school children and their parents to swimming lessons.

It is a 'social story' familiarising children with a new experience and what they might discover at the pool and during their lesson.

It was developed as a joint project between our swimming school and a paediatric physiotherapist to meet the developmental needs of children beginning to swim.

Beautiful full page watercolour illustrations tell the story through pictures. We have one edition for each of our swim schools, so you will recognise your pool in the book! 

The swim school recommends reading this book to your child a number of times before lessons commence. The book can purchased at the swim school.

Or the swim school will loan the book for a short period to new pre school before their first lesson at no charge (if not returned within 2 weeks there will be a $10 charge).

Children who have read this book before starting lessons, adapt more easily to classes.

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