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Why is swimming good for you? 
  • health

  • strength

  • fitness

  • stress

  • participating in community, swimming with kids & grandchildren

  • safer swimming: many more adults drown each year than children, however there is little focus on adults' swimming skills

  • speed up recovery from injury or illness

Can I learn to swim as an adult? I've always been too scared...

We specialise in gradually helping adults become comfortable in the water, even if they have been scared of "going under" for years! 

We start slow and progress at your pace.

Most beginners surprise themselves when they discover they have become swimmers! 

Most adult learners either have never had the opportunity to learn swimming or have never learnt how to breathe while swimming. Either way, we break learning to swim into simple steps.

Woman Swimming in Pool
How can I get back into swimming as an adult? 

If you've had a break from swimming, you'll still have some of the skills you need to swim through water. 

All swimmers get rusty on the finer points, especially efficient relaxed breathing. It's a great area to focus on to improve your comfort and the distance you can swim. 

Often swimmers' bodies have changed since the last time they swam, and we can assist in modifying strokes if needed, to get you going again.  

A senior man by the swimming pool
How can I improve my swimming? 

Our adult swim sessions are taken by skilled teachers who can help you to: 

  • increase the distance you can swim. This increases your fitness, and makes you safer swimming in the ocean. 

  • identify where your swim strokes could be more efficient

  • develop more efficient swim strokes

  • learn new skills eg. new swim strokes, survival skills

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