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Class organisation

We try to group younger babies who not yet crawling into a different class than older babies. This is somewhat dependent on demand and whether any of the group have specific learning needs.


A critical concept is to have the babies in the pool at a time which is most suitable for the baby . For instance as baby develops sleep patterns change and there may be a need to change class times.

When are baby classes

Classes are available weekday mornings, Saturdays from 11.00 am and Sunday mornings. Weekday morning class times are spread throughout the morning in an attempt to cater for differing sleep patterns.

Make up lessons for babies

We are happy to take up to 8 babies in a class but only book in 6.  This means that there are two vacancies in each class that can be used as make up lessons. So if baby is not quite well on the morning of your lesson, notify the swim school that baby will be absent and arrange a make up lesson. Baby make ups are easier to arrange than other lessons where you may have to rely on another student's absence to find a vacancy.

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